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David Mezzapelle
Mezzapelle was inspired to write this book series based on his life's experiences, his own contagious optimism, and the encouragement of his Alma Mater, Fairfield University in Connecticut. A portion of each sale will go to the school along with other charities. 

Mezzapelle was the founder and director of marketing for Goliath Technology from 1990 - 2007, a data center infrastructure company that supported enterprises worldwide. In addition, Mezzapelle orchestrated an innovative internship program which has become a staple for many organizations today. Prior to 1990, Mezzapelle was an intern for IBM while attending school at Fairfield.

Goliath Technology was sold in 2007 and Mezzapelle pursued the next level of his passion, building employment tools for schools, students and alumni via GoliathJobs, a marketing and consulting organization he created in 2006 and retained after the sale of his company. GoliathJobs is now an academic arm of Indeed.com.  He also launched a niche portal for baby boomers and retirees, JobsOver50.com, which has become the number one web-based employment resource in North America for the age 50+ demographic.

In 2009, Mezzapelle's company, Goliath LLC, formed a joint venture with SilverCensus and Mezzapelle became their marketing & development advisor. Within one year the new SilverCensus grew from a Florida-based directory to a leading senior living and health services resource in the U.S. under his guidance. Today, Mezzapelle consults on various projects along with serving on several boards and philanthropic initiatives.  

Throughout his life, Mezzapelle has encountered great peaks and valleys all of which he is grateful for. He never lost sight along the way and has kept his glass "completely full." He has influenced many people with his outlook and Contagious Optimism is his way of offering optimism to others. 

Mezzapelle has been a guest on various radio and television programs along with being a contributor to numerous publications around the globe. He is also a TED and Contagious Optimism LIVE speaker. 

David Mezzapelle believes that we all have the capacity to make optimism contagious just by sharing our life's adventures. Mezzapelle is the founder of the Contagious Optimism movement and the author of Contagious Optimism, a bestselling book series that contains real stories from real people around the globe which demonstrates that every cloud has a silver lining.  
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David Mezzapelle TEDx 2013
David's keynote address at Ms. Wheelchair USA 2014! 

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